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  • What is Wireless Internet?
    This method of Internet connectivity is accomplished using low power radios to transfer the digital data over the airwaves, instead of current wired technologies. This technology is fast becoming the standard in providing service to areas currently not served by conventional methods. 
  • As a Airnet Wireless Broadband customer, will I need a separate Internet Service Provider (ISP)?
    No. Airnet Wireless Broadband WIreless will be your ISP, providing you with your high-speed connection to the Internet. 
  • Will online games work with Airnet Wireless Broadband Services? 
    Yes – at lightning speeds!
  • Will VOIP services work? i.e. Skype, MagicJack, Vonage, Etc.
    Yes! VOIP services work loud & clear!
  • Are there any health or safety concerns with the wireless signal?
    No. The technology used by Airnet Wireless Broadband operates at very low power levels, similar to a cordless phone.
  • What kind of equipment is needed for Airnet Wireless Broadband service?
    The standard residential installation will include a wireless router, an outdoor antenna receiver, cabling, and an indoor power unit.
  • Do I need any special software?
    No. We do not require you to install any new software.
  • Can I hook up more than one computer to Airnet Wireless Broadband’s connection?
    Yes. You can also hook up your iPad, Gaming Consoles, Mobile Phones, Printers and other WiFi devices.
  • How soon can I get the Airnet Wireless Broadband service installed?
    We will schedule a time that is convenient for you within 48 hours of hearing from you. The installation generally takes less than 60 minutes.